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 How To Become Promoter

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How To Become Promoter Empty
PostSubject: How To Become Promoter   How To Become Promoter EmptyFri Mar 30, 2012 3:22 am

Promoters can promote guests on the server to a higher rank, member. They inherit the commands from VIP, except that they can mute, jail, kick and clear an area around you for mobs/drops.

- You must be trusted by the community/owner
- You must show dedication to the server
- You are at least 13 years old
- You must have made a YouTube video with the servers adress in it (description or the video itself)

Paste the code below and make a new thread in this forum, while using it.
Quote :

-- Personality --
Nickname in Mixcraft:

-- Geograpic --

-- Information --
Have you donated? If no, will you donate?:
Do you know basic English?:
How long have you been on the server?:
How many hours a week can you be on the server?:
What is the link for your YouTube video about the server?:

-- Being a promoter --
Will you help anyone that needs your help?:
Will you promote those guests that have applied on the forum?:
Why should we pick you as a promoter over the others?:
What can you offer us as a promoter of Mixcraft?:

-- Extra --
Comments? Want to tell us more?

What are you gonna do if a Donator+ Sell/Give you items (Or if you buy something from a Donator+'s Shop)?
What are you gonna do if you see anyone griefing?

Optional requirements: (highers your chance a lot)
- Donation
- YouTube video has over 500 views
- You have been on the server for at least 2 weeks (I can check join date here on the forum)
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How To Become Promoter
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